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"Health For All Foundation (HFA) is a national, not-for-profit organization engaged in research activities which does research to improve the health of individuals across the world by pursuing challenges posed by diseases through clinical, laboratory and epidemiologic research."

The foundation aims to contribute to policy, based on research evidences and results.

The foundation helps people providing them best available and novel medicine which can improve their quality of life and extends life expectancy important to public health through translational clinical research.


1. To promote technology based clinical product development for important for public health and improving quality of life

2. To undertake translational clinical research product development for government, semi-government, government funded academic and non-academic institutions, non-profit and small and medium sized enterprises.

3. To promote, establish, maintain and manage specialized research facilities with suitable infrastructure like laboratories, drug/investigational product storage, data management, for the efficient functioning and conduct of translational research.

4. To receive donations, subscriptions and endowments for the purpose of society health, quality of life through prevention of infectious diseases.

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HFA works on a national mandate to build capacity and capability in the area of clinical development and translational research in India. We, at HFA continually strive to bring in interactive learning opportunities for clinical researchers, ethics committee members, scientists, biomedical researchers and all other personnel involved in clinical development and translational research.