and Advocacy


Health for All foundation (HFA) focus on transforming food systems to improve food security and nutrition for vulnerable population across world.

HFA is striving to provide advance nutrition system to provide affordable, healthy and safe food to world, which leads to healthy life forward.

Our objective is to advocate one nation one food law and helping policy maker having globally benchmarked food standards and practices and encourage the production and consumption of nutritious and safe food.

We wish to collaborate with International food advocacy group to facilitate implementation of good food and nutrition testing practice.

We support resilience building in order to improve food security and nutrition including training to develop product formulation and population based nutrition interventions, training programs on nutrition sensitive farming and other knowledge sharing programs on health and nutrition which are essential to address the challenges plaguing the country.

We offer following services but not limited to…

  1. Public private partnership in nutrition as a successful model for improved nutrition outcome
  2. Public health nutrition intervention for vulnerable population (pregnant, lactating women, and children)
  3. Implementing awareness program on anemia prevention, B12 deficiency, iron supplementation and immunity enhancing diets
  4. Food research and Role of novel foods ingredient i.e carbohydrates, fat and protein, vitamins and other micronutrients.
  5. Scaling up staple food fortification in India focusing on wheat, milk, oil, rice and salt etc.
  6. Guidance on nutraceutical development and compliance with FSSAI standards.